Wednesday Buzz: The Value of Radio Silence

A Radiohead collaborator reveals that one of the band’s recent social gimmicks went over a lot better than they expected. Also: The start of the year might be a good time for a social audit.

Looking to stand out online? Sometimes, it’s about what you don’t do with your social presence.

Last year, the band Radiohead gained wide notice from the public after it deleted its social media profiles on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. The tactic helped the band’s most recent album, A Moon Shaped Pool, stand out during a particularly saturated album-release cycle last year. But artist and writer Stanley Donwood, a frequent Radiohead collaborator, revealed that no one expected it would work so well.

“That was another of those ideas that you have down the pub that turned out to be really much more effective than we thought,” Donwood told Creative Review, in what were the band’s first public comments on the strategy. “Honestly, we did not expect people to go quite so crazy. It worked really well; really it was a way of getting rid of all of what had gone before; it was a practical solution to what seemed to be a complicated problem. Quite a simple solution: Just stop everything for a bit.”

Donwood compared the band’s strategy to “Mike Myers’ version of an evil Bond villain”—apparently putting it on the same level as sharks with friggin’ laser beams on their heads. “It was creatively brilliant fun,” Donwood said.

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Social Reassessment

Resetting your social media presence isn’t just a good idea if you’re Radiohead. According to Maggie McGary, the social media manager at the American Psychological Association, now’s a good time to do a social media audit.

“Even if you have a totally on-point social media team, chances are that they’re moving so fast with the daily management of social media and the time-intensive process of curating and/or creating engaging content and not getting a chance to stop and do any digital weeding or drawer sorting,” she writes on her blog, Mizz Information.

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