Monday Buzz: Carrying Too Much Weight?

If you’re running "fat ads" on your association’s website, it could be slowing things down by quite a bit, according to a new report. Also: Learn how to better challenge yourself at your job.

Does your association’s website have a “fat ads” problem? Do you even know what that means?

As AdAge recently explained, according to an Ad Lightning report, roughly 40 percent of online ads are larger bandwidth-wise than the ad industry’s own accepted standards state. (For example, the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s recommended number of network calls for an ad is 15—but the average is 60.)

And these bloated ads are creating bloated websites, according to the report. Who gets the blame? Well, it’s not the advertiser.

“Consumers experience these issues in ways that reflect on the publisher much more than the advertiser,” Ad Lightning states in its Ad Quality Report for Publishers. “On average, advertising doubles the amount of time it takes to load a webpage. Offending ad quality issues often delay page loads significantly longer.”

Hop over to the Ad Lightning website to download the full report.

Speaking of Weight …

There are, of course, times when a little extra weight makes sense for your needs. And that’s generally when it comes to your workload. If you don’t feel like you’re flexing your muscles enough, it can eventually make the job feel like a snore.

The above clip from Association Success breaks down how to add a little more of a challenge to your day-to-day process. Read more thoughts on the topic over this way.

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Ernie Smith

By Ernie Smith

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