Friday Buzz: Creating Organizational Resilience

Your organization can adapt to times of volatility from a place of strength by adopting a few key traits. Also: Google takes aim at Slack with a new workplace communication platform.

The association space is rapidly changing, but an organization that is built to be resilient will be able to withstand disruptions.

Association Success shares several ways your organization can develop a culture of resilience that may help you weather future upheavals.

Start with recognizing what your organization does best, and stay true to your foundational purpose.

“As you enter into discussions of ‘what’s next,’ make sure you are also focusing on what continues to serve as the foundation of value that you create, and then promote and further invest in those efforts accordingly,” writes Lowell Aplebaum.

Associations need to know what’s coming in order to adapt. Consider whether your organization is getting an accurate assessment of the changing professional landscape.

“Create proactive, specific asks to your partners and stakeholders—inquiring into what they see strengthening and shifting on the professional horizon,” says Aplebaum. Use those insights to alter goals and strategic direction as needed.

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Google Amps Up Hangouts

The office communication platform competition continues to heat up.

VentureBeat reports that Google is launching a new product to compete with Slack, Microsoft Teams, and other third-party team collaboration tools.

The product is called Hangouts Chat, and like Slack, it includes private chat rooms along with integrations like Box, Intuit, and Smartsheets.

Google wants Hangouts Chat to be a full-service tool, where users can quickly and easily transition from typing to video conferencing.

“Some of the available features include generating a simple, shareable web address that anyone can join without needing to download an app or plug-in; providing a unique dial-in phone number for conference calls; supporting larger meeting sizes; and having search that parses through all messages and rooms while filtering by individual or file type,” reports VentureBeat.

If your organization is already using G Suite, this new platform may tempt you away from other third-party services.

Productivity hack: Fast Company reveals a simple Microsoft Word feature that may help you focus.

Keep your data safe. Aptify details what you should look for when evaluating a password manager.

Happiest, healthiest U.S. communities: You may want to host your next meeting at one of these locations with high well-being scores, says Smart Meetings.


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