Iowa Cattlemen Raise Money for Out-of-State Wildfire Victims

The Iowa Cattlemen’s Association will hold a charity auction to assist victims of wildfires that devastated a number of nearby states—hoping to supply ranchers with needed supplies as they work to rebuild.

Iowa may not be currently dealing with any wildfires itself, but that doesn’t mean the Iowa Cattlemen’s Association isn’t ready to help others.

As ranchers have been devastated by wildfires in Oklahoma, Colorado, Texas, and Kansas, ICA is working to assist those affected over the past month. The association is planning an April charity auction  in partnership with the Iowa Cattlemen’s Foundation and DreamDirt. ICA is asking members to donate items to the auction, as well as for cash donations.

“In addition to hay, affected cattle producers are in need of fencing supplies, milk replacer, seed to re-establish pastures, and more,” ICA states on its website. “The wildfire recovery will last many months and needs are expected to change throughout that time.”

In a lot of ways, in fact, the group is returning the favor to the nearby states for all the times that Iowans have received help. In comments to Radio Iowa, ICA Communications Director Katie Olthoff says that the initiative reflects the heart of the state’s residents—especially knowing that it just as easily could have been them.

“Iowans are generous and eager to help when they see people who are hurting and in need of help. And so, we want to make this open to everybody and get as much involvement as we possibly can,” Olthoff told the website.

Debris from a wildfire at a ranch outbuilding near Lipscomb, Texas. (Lucas Jackson/Reuters)

Ernie Smith

By Ernie Smith

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