Manufacturers Group Perfects Stump Speech During Weeklong Tour

In a six-state tour, officials of the National Association of Manufacturers spoke to an array of Americans in an effort to build momentum for manufacturing both in Washington and around the country.

The National Association of Manufacturers is spreading the message that the future of the U.S. economy lies with the builders and the makers.

On Wednesday, NAM made the last of its visits to six cities in its weeklong State of Manufacturing Tour 2017. Stops included Austin, Texas; New York City; Detroit; Columbus, Ohio; Pittsburgh; and Madison, Wisconsin, all of which have major manufacturing interests.

In an op-ed for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, NAM President and CEO Jay Timmons joined with Michael McGarry, the chairman and CEO of the newspaper, to discuss the concerns NAM plans to address in fortifying manufacturing around the United States.

“It’s still true … that there are communities across the United States where new opportunities haven’t yet matched losses that were decades in the making,” they wrote. “It’s a source of real pain and has left many families and workers wondering if the American dream is still attainable.”

How are those concerns being addressed so far by the Trump administration?

In comments at the Detroit Economic Club, Timmons noted that while complicated questions still need to be answered, NAM sees potential to improve U.S.-based manufacturing.

“The last two years—really the last two months—have brought us a lot of surprises, including many positive developments,” Timmons said, according to Industry Week. “Of course, we have questions and concerns … on issues like trade and immigration. But it’s undeniable that for the millions of men and women who make things in America, the state of manufacturing is growing stronger, and they’re more optimistic.”

In the midst of the tour, President Trump made his first speech to a joint session of Congress Tuesday night, which Timmons characterized as as “a message of unity and economic opportunity.”

“Manufacturers are grateful for his message to rekindle the American spirit,” Timmons said in a blog post on the NAM website. “This is what the American people needed to hear. This was a speech Americans expect of a president.”

The group closed out its six-stop tour Wednesday afternoon in Madison.

Ernie Smith

By Ernie Smith

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