Tuesday Buzz: Trends Shaping the Events Industry

Find out how events may be changing in the near future. Also: Here’s what members actually want to hear from you.

Meetings are a vital part of the association space, so it’s important that event professionals keep up with the latest technology and upgrades.

Inc. shares three trends that are transforming the events industry.

These days, digitally savvy attendees expect a mobile ticketing experience, which will require organizations to upgrade their ticketing capabilities.

“Companies can leverage ticketing to provide an end-to-end user experience to the fan rather than just a transactional exercise of purchasing a ticket,” writes contributor Drew Hendricks.

He also says virtual reality may have a greater impact on tradeshows. VR headsets are regularly popping up at tech shows like CES. Could a VR experience eventually replace attendance?

Check out Hendricks’ article for more.

Member Messaging

You may be talking to your members all the time, but are you telling them what they want to hear?

The MemberClicks blog shares a few key messages that will inspire your members to listen up.

First is to make sure you’re communicating your mission. Members may have only joined because of benefits and networking opportunities. Help them understand how and why you’re advocating for them.

Also, keep them up to date on your association’s progress. What have you achieved? Have you gained new members? Helped get legislation passed? If your members can see your successes or your challenges, they’re more likely to stay engaged.

Google launches a new video app. Uptime lets friends and connections watch YouTube videos at the same time, reports Ars Technica. 

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Tell a compelling story. Buffer details 11 storytelling formulas that can help boost your social media marketing efforts.


Raegan Johnson

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