Wednesday Buzz: Game Your Way to Travel Savings

A new software company has found a way to incentivize business travelers to spend less. Also: a marketing metrics checklist from ASAE's Marketing, Membership & Communications Conference.

Once you start traveling for business, it’s easy to get spendy and points-obsessive. In fact, airlines and corporate credit cards incentivize you to spend as much as possible in hopes of gaining perks and status.

All of this makes travel a major expense for organizations. But what if you could incentivize employees to spend less on business travel? That’s the aim of Rocketrip, a software system that gamifies business travel bookings to trick people into saving money, reports Bloomberg.

Here’s how it works: During the booking process, Rocketrip challenges travelers to spend less than they normally would (based on past spending and behavior prediction). Where flight options are listed, Rocketrip provides the amount of potential savings alongside the lower-cost options.

For every dollar saved on flights, hotels, and rental cars, the traveler gets to pocket 50 cents. The employer keeps the other half. Rocketrip makes money by taking a small percentage of the employer’s annual travel budget.

“We’re not a travel product, we’re a behavioral change product,” says Dan Ruch, the founder and chief executive officer of Rocketrip, Inc. “We get employees to do things they wouldn’t otherwise do.”

Metrics to Measure

During this week’s ASAE Marketing, Membership & Communications Conference, association professionals gathered in Washington, DC, to learn the latest in strategic marketing insights.

A session led by Mike Skiados, membership director at the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, focused on the key marketing metrics that all associations should be measuring. After all, you can’t judge how effective your marketing efforts are without measuring the right KPIs.

You may be looking closely at your web and blog traffic, but make sure to measure your visitor-to-lead ratio, backlinks, and engagement index.

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