Monday Buzz: Fundraising Ideas for Board Members

Get board members engaged with your organization’s fundraising efforts. Also: Generational shifts are here. These are the changes you may need to make now.

Raising money is a vital part of any association, but getting board members to participate in fundraising activities can be challenging. How can you get them more involved?

Network for Good’s marketing blog shares a few ways to activate board members for fundraising that don’t require them to make a direct ask.

Start with encouraging board members to give their own gifts. “Wealthier board members can and should give more, but everyone should make a gift that is meaningful to them,” writes Rachel Muir.

Board members often carry a lot of clout in the profession; take advantage of that by asking them to write an article or a letter for your blog and newsletter. A personal testimonial about the power of your organization from someone with their influence could prompt more people to give.

While some board members may be reluctant to work the phone bank for donations, surely they can get on the phone to thank donors for their generosity. After receiving a thank-you call, donors are more likely to give more in the future than those who didn’t get a call.

Next-Gen Needs

Millennials and generation Z have different workforce requirements, along with different membership preferences. All smart associations should be keeping an eye on these generational shifts.

The MemberClicks Blog reveals the changes your association should make to keep up.

When it comes to hiring members of the rising generation, it’s important that your workplace is flexible with regard to their needs. Allow them to work from home, for example. This young crop of employees is also looking for career mentorship, so make sure that your organization is providing that.

Check out the rest of the post for changes in members’ preferences.

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