Monday Buzz: Sunny Day Fundraising Ideas

Now that the weather is warming up, check out a few fun-in-the-sun fundraising ideas. Also: some advice on whether to hire subject matter experts or community builders.

Fundraising happens during every season of the year, but the warm-weather months provide fresh, fun ways to raise money outdoors.

The Get Fully Funded blog shares several fundraising ideas for spring and summer and tips for pulling them off.

Summer is the perfect time to host a benefit walk/run or a bike ride to shake things up a bit. “These types of fundraising ideas are well suited for hospitals and other medical-related causes, but any nonprofit can use them to raise money,” writes Sandy Rees.

Or you could throw a family-friendly water balloon fight. Keep it simple by charging $1 per balloon. “Everyone will love the opportunity to cool down during a hot summer day, and it’s an engaging way to get your community involved and more informed about your cause,” says Rees.

Other sunny-day activities include an ice cream social or a barbecue contest at a local park, where attendees vote for their favorite barbecue entry with a dollar.

Many of these ideas can be events unto themselves or part of a larger festivity, like a block party or carnival.

Who should you Hire?

Your members are experts in what they do. Knowing that, it can be tricky to decide how to fill new roles in your organization. Should you hire a great community manager who knows the best ways to cultivate a community, or should you hire a subject matter expert who knows how to talk to members on their level?

FeverBee shares an easy-to-follow framework to use when you’re making your next hire.

Airbnb is working to attract more business travelers. The home-share service is introducing more work-friendly digital tools, reports AdWeek.

Cross-posting versus cross-promotion. The Hootsuite blog recommends tailoring your social media messaging for each platform.

Are your email newsletters landing in spam folders? The nonprofit tech resource npENGAGE reveals what you need to know about Gmail settings.

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