Thursday Buzz: Are Millennial Leaders Struggling to Communicate?

Millennials are rising through the ranks in their careers, and in doing so, they may be coming up against a surprising leadership challenge. Also: Why you should add more visuals to your next team meeting.

As more millennials step into leadership roles, they do so with different career challenges than their predecessors.

According to Forbes, millennial leaders struggle with their communication skills. You may be surprised to hear that, considering their always-in-touch, digitally connected lifestyle, but digital preoccupation is actually one of the things that’s holding them back.

“They have gotten so good at communicating through screens and haven’t focused on honing their face-to-face communication skills,” writes Brian Rashid. “Additionally, this generation is also more likely to rely on their devices to escape social interactions—they’d rather bury their heads in a screen than confront uncomfortable situations.”

To counter this, Rashid recommends that companies provide “public speaking and communications training programs” to help this generation hone their skills.

Show, Don’t Tell

We’ve all been guilty of running boring, ineffective internal meetings. At your next team meeting, encourage attendee participation by collaborating on making meeting topic ideas visual.

“Visuals in which we have a role creating are a fast track to memory, learning, and collaborating,” says Bucky Dodd, executive director of the Center for eLearning and Connected Environments, in an Event Garde blog post.

Have each person in the meeting contribute to the discussion in a visual form. “While the meeting is in progress, continue to focus conversations and attention to the visual representation of the idea, instead of a person.”

Audiences for different social media platforms may not overlap as much as you think. According to AdWeek, on any given day, Snapchat has a significant audience that can’t be reached on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

Thinking about using Facebook Live? The Membership Guys share five ways to make the most of video streaming.

Collaboration is vital. But think of it as a tool and not the end goal, says CMSWire.


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