Career Coach: Help Employees Reach Their Career Goals

Advice from Cheryl Palmer, a certified career coach.

How can a manager get started on helping employees set career goals?

Too often, career goals are covered only during performance reviews. But people’s experiences, ideas, and lives are changing all the time. Managers should meet one on one with their team members at least every other week—and make sure a “temperature check” is part of these discussions. How are they feeling about their job and the work they’re doing? What else interests them? These conversations allow managers to nip problems in the bud and quickly identify growth opportunities.

Why should managers care about helping employees achieve their career goals?

When employees don’t feel supported in their goals—or don’t see opportunities for advancement within their organization—they become disengaged. They’re less productive and more likely to miss work, and they eventually leave for a better gig. All of this has a ripple effect on the bottom line.

What can associations do to support employee career development?

Organizations often offer coaching to help employees with health goals. Why not do the same for their careers? Associations can do this through a mentoring program or more formally by offering discounted or complimentary sessions with a certified career coach. The important thing is that employees understand the association supports them in achieving their goals.


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