Friday Buzz: Boost Your Webinar Views

Don’t let small marketing strategy blunders negatively affect the performance of your webinars. Also: How to host a virtual event that your members will love.

Your team puts in a lot of time and effort to create webinars for your members, but making a few mistakes when promoting them could result in far fewer views. Make sure all of your hard works pays off and get as many eyes on your videos as possible by optimizing your marketing strategy.

MeetingsNet shares highlights from a new report from ON24, a webinar-hosting platform, that analyzes data from more that 16,000 webinars it hosted last year.

When it comes to promoting your webinar, don’t be reluctant to do so frequently and ahead of time. The ON24 study found that 44 percent of registrants sign up eight to 15 days before a webinar.

To get the best result from promotions, send out marketing materials in the middle of the week— Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday—rather than early or late in the week. The study also showed that you’re likely to get the most views if you schedule your webinar for 2 p.m. rather than morning or lunch hours.

Better Virtual Events


We all know that in-person events take a lot of time to prepare, but virtual events may take even more time to plan.

“Ensure that you and your team have openly communicated about goals, intended outcomes, content, and metrics,” writes Aubrey Mellos in a recent CommPartners blog post. “Develop and document a detailed event strategy with defined dates/milestones and pair with a corresponding production plan.”

Also, keep up attendee engagement by employing chat technology, social channels, and polls. “Capitalize on the unique opportunities that a virtual event and the associated technology can offer,” says Mellos.

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