Friday Buzz: How Your Smartphone May Be Hurting You

Bad news, mobile device addicts: Your smartphone may be making you dumb. Also: On #SMDay, take a look back at important moments in the history of social media.

Your smartphone helps untether you from the office, but you probably know that constantly checking it throughout the day isn’t good for your productivity. Now, researchers say that simply having your phone near you—even if you’re not checking it—can reduce your ability to get your best work accomplished.

Lifehacker reports on a study from the University of Chicago Press that found having your smartphone in close proximity not only distracts you from the task at hand but also reduces your ability to handle more complex cognitive actions.

According to Lifehacker, your brain uses “a bit of your cognitive capacity to stay on track when you know your phone is right next to you, begging to be touched.”

So, if you have an important task that requires you to focus, it’s best to leave your smartphone in another room.

Social Media Day

Today is #SMDay, a day that commemorates the powerful and positive impact of social media. It’s nearly impossible to overstate the ways that social media has changed the world.

To celebrate #SMDay, the Buffer blog shares 10 top moments in social media history, starting with the birth of Facebook.

Buffer also touches on the famous Ellen DeGeneres selfie from the 2014 Academy Awards and the rise of YouTube with viral videos such as “Charlie Bit My Finger.” The association world even gets a chance to shine with a highlight of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. “Since 2014, largely due to social media, the ALS Association has raised more than $115 million for research towards Lou Gehrig’s disease,” writes Brian Peters.

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