Tuesday Buzz: Are Your Events Digitally Secure?

Hackers may try to ruin your next event. Here’s how to secure your meeting data. Also: Don’t let this excuse be the reason your employees are working remotely.

Cybersecurity hacks are all over the news lately. Fraudsters are targeting credit card information, but any hacked personal data can lead to identity theft or worse. It’s now more pressing than ever that associations do everything they can to protect their members’ data.

“Data is becoming more valuable, and even smaller organizations and events are at risk,” says an Event Manager Blog post. But there are plenty of things event professionals can do to protect attendees, including hiring a digital security chief to implement data security processes.

If you’re looking to secure event data, Event Manager Blog recommends strict password protections, including updating them regularly and not sharing them. Encrypt your members’ personal information, keep your computer systems up to date, and insure your data. “Always comply with local and international data protection and privacy laws,” says the post.

When Working from Home Goes Wrong

There are plenty of good reasons to give your staff the flexibility to work from home. But you may have a big problem if your employees are working remotely just to avoid uncomfortable in-office situations.

In a new article, Fast Company tells the story of Jim, who was hired to handle corporate rebranding efforts. He was in charge of making big changes that made a lot of employees unhappy, which created stressful situations for him. Eventually, Jim dreaded making tough decisions and avoided tense situations by working from home. This resulted in Jim becoming an ineffective employee, and he was fired.

The article goes on to explain how to detect signs of office discomfort and act on them so they don’t spiral into larger company culture issues.

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