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Wednesday Buzz: Adjusting Your Travel Policy to Millennials

Being a little more flexible with your business travel policy may keep your millennial employees happy. Also: Prepare your members for the future by teaching them these soft skills.

It’s no secret that employers are going to have to be adjustable to keep up with the needs and preferences of millennials. Each new generation has its own set of work requirements, and “bleisure” is an important one among this generation.

Your organization could do a lot to keep your millennial staffers happy by instituting a bleisure travel policy that mixes business and leisure time, says a recent article from Forbes.

“Bleisure trips create the added value and loyalty that many companies would like to see from more millennials,” writes Kaytie Zimmerman.

Associations often struggle to compete with the high salaries of for-profit companies, but travel-flexibility perks may help attract and retain top talent.

When considering a bleisure travel policy for your organization, Swapnil Shinde, cofounder and CEO of personal travel assistant app Mezi, says to consider things like:  “Which elements of our current company culture are best suited to extend on the road? What do employees value most in the ‘perks’ and culture we offer? Is there a maximum number of vacation days we’ll allow an employee to tack onto a business trip?”

Future Proof

Many associations teach career-development skills to members. But there’s an argument to be made for teaching more abstract skills to prepare them for the future.

“Boundless curiosity” and “freestyling” are just two of the skills that futurist Stowe Boyd recommends teaching. A recent post from WBT Systems details 10 skills that Boyd has identified as important in adapting to a rapidly changing workforce.

Another skill to teach: emergent leadership, which is “the ability to steer things in the right direction, without the authority to do so, through social competence.” Show members how to effect change when they see an opportunity—not just when they’re the boss.

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