British Insurance Brokers Group Aims to Streamline Claims With App Offering

The British Insurance Brokers' Association is offering members a discount on a white-label app that it says will speed up claims reporting by 90 percent.

When it comes to dealing with insurance claims, the word that comes to mind isn’t usually “easy”—and that goes for brokers as well as policyholders.

The British Insurance Brokers’ Association is looking to ease this pain point for its members via a partnership with the app provider Insure Apps. The new Claims Made Easy app is designed to help BIBA’s members handle insurance claims arising out of accidents involving commercial motor vehicles, allowing the process to begin almost immediately after an accident happens.

Truck drivers will be able to use the app to record critical information at the site of the accident, take photographs, and document police, witness, and third-party details that will be needed to resolve the claim.

Why an app for this? BIBA says it will cut down the average claims reporting time by 90 percent, with initial reporting taking less than 10 minutes.

Members will get a 10 percent discount for a one-year subscription to the service and 25 percent off a three-year plan. Brokers can brand the app to their brokerage firm and sign up as many as 1,000 drivers through the service at the base level.

“Brokers can now offer their own branded claims app that gives them the control to manage claims, save costs and time,” BIBA Head of Technical Services Mike Hallam said in a news release. “It can also help to address fraud issues and is easily transferable if the policy is moved to a different insurer.”

BIBA CEO Steve White added that the collaboration highlights how the association is bringing insurance technology to the average broker.

“The app is a prime example of how brokers can benefit from InsurTech in everyday use—it’s a win for brokers, insurers, and customers,” he said.

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Ernie Smith

By Ernie Smith

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