Thursday Buzz: Defeat Mental Challenges

Being a leader comes with a unique set of mental hurdles. Here are a few ways to overcome those challenges. Also: How to find more potential donors online.

Ambitious people work hard to rise to the top of their organization. But once they arrive in the C-suite, they may find that it’s a solitary place where major responsibilities go hand in hand with crippling insecurities. How can you overcome these mental hurdles?

Start with calming your emotions by putting things into perspective. “Whenever emotions take over, it is normal to fear the absolute worst and react in the wrong way,” writes Ross Tsakas, cofounder of Founders Portal, Inc., in a recent post for Forbes.

Tsakas also recommends giving yourself time before acting on an issue. “When something happens to you, wait at least 24 hours before you react to it. Examine it and put it into the context of the larger picture,” he says.

In addition, Tsakas recommends alleviating some of your leadership solitude by finding a small group of people to confide in. Selecting a few different people with varying backgrounds will provide different perspectives on your problems and more targeted solutions.

Finding Donors

Donations play a necessary part in achieving the goals of your organization. Are you doing everything you can to garner online donations?

The Wild Apricot blog shares a few ways to reach more donors online, and that starts with making sure that your website is optimized. “A mobile-friendly website and putting your organization’s mission front and center make it easier for donors to learn about and donate to your organization,” writes Jasmine Marrow.

Marrow also provides tips for reaching people through social media, crowdsourcing, and conveying a unique voice online.

Other Links of Note

Failing event technology can ruin your meeting. Prevue shares a few ways to overcome in-the-moment tech mishaps.

According to Business Insider, augmented reality may be a prominent feature in the next iPhone. Event professionals may want to keep that in mind when thinking about the future of meeting technology.

Google continues to amp up its cloud services. According to TechCrunch, the internet search giant introduced a new “Backup and Sync from Google” tool for uploading files to the cloud.


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