Thursday Buzz: The Path to Better Meetings? Social Media

Social media is a vital part of any marketing mix, but its value to event marketing has never been greater. Also: The newest trend in executive coaching.

Little can compete with the awesome power of annual meetings, where people gather to learn, advocate, and build professional relationships. Making sure you have a robust social media marketing plan to pair with your event can boost the impact of your meeting even more.

“In terms of overall reach and targeting, you can’t do better than a well-constructed social media campaign for filling your event’s guest list,” a recent SoHo Experiential blog post explains. Social media helps your organization reach your followers directly, but it also means you can reach your followers’ friends, which may boost attendance at your next meeting.

A good social media campaign can also deliver added context—turning a simple event into an experience. “By couching your event in a larger campaign, not only will you give your guests a better idea of what they’re looking forward to, you can build a strategy that can lead to offshoot events, merchandise, and more,” the post adds.

Personal Development

In the wake of internal company disasters, Uber’s Travis Kalanick was pressured to resign as CEO after board members lost faith in him.

Of course, Kalanick isn’t the only CEO to ever find himself in hot water. So, what’s a CEO to do?

Enter the personal development coach. According to Inc., these executive coaches are the latest trend in business professional development. “PDCs help clients learn how to better work with people by better understanding oneself and the corporate and sociological culture one works within every day,” writes Lauren DeLisa Coleman.

A PDC may be able to help a floundering executive “to become more valuable to themselves, their teams, their industry, and their world.”

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