Wednesday Buzz: Essential Advice for Designing a Better Email

Considering an email newsletter redesign? Here’s why you should think about the letter "F" to get started. Also: Sobering marketing trends you need to know.

Email is one of the most effective weapons in your marketing arsenal. But a poor design can result in your newsletter winding up unread and in members’ spam folders.

In a recent blog post, experience design agency Telepathy imparts wisdom that can help your group create more effective emails. Its top tip: Keep them within 600px wide. “Forcing your subscribers to scroll from side to side is the kiss of death for an email’s response rate,” writes Jason Amunwa.

He also recommends placing important calls-to-action at the top of the emails, and “make sure they stand out, make sure they’re powerful, and make them look clickable.”

In addition, Amunwa argues against using embeddable fonts—just stick to the basic HTML fonts such as Arial, Verdana, and Georgia. Plus, don’t go beyond three content columns, and keep images on the left. In fact, think about an “F” when designing your emails. “Nielsen’s study found that web users skip over content that appears unimportant, resulting in an F-shaped reading pattern,” says Amunwa. “Relevant words and images on the left side of the screen tended to get more attention than things on the right.”

Hard Truths

Every day the web is flooded with new marketing updates and trends, but what is essential for association pros to pay attention to?

At last week’s Ohio Society of Association Executives’ Annual Conference, Dan Farkas gave a talk called “Marketing on a Budget: Three Developing Trends for 2017 and Beyond.” The MemberClicks blog shared a few insights from the presentation, starting with the fact that people are inundated with 30,000 messages per day, so your marketing messages are probably getting lost.

How do you get around that? “Repeat, repeat, repeat. You might feel like you’re repeating the same messages and information over and over, but in today’s crazy landscape, you’re really not,” writes Callie Walker.

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