Thursday Buzz: Recruit the Right Microinfluencer

Influencer campaigns aren't just for major brands. Even small associations can get big results by leveraging microinfluencers. Also: Take a look at the tools and processes of modern marketing.

We’ve all seen how influencer marketing works for big brands, but associations that target a niche audience can also see success from running a microinfluencer campaign. You don’t need a celebrity to make an impact.

In a new guide published on its blog, Buffer says the key to a successful microinfluencer campaign is finding a passionate expert in your field to spread your message.

How do you find the perfect person? Try performing a manual keyword search on social media platforms and see which accounts rise to the top. There’s also a good chance that the right influencer is already following you. Look through your followers and use a tool like SocialRank to gauge their social influence. You may also want to consider popular speakers at meetings and events in your field.

After you’ve identified a few prospects, take a close look at their content and tone to make sure it aligns with your association. And consider the size of their social media audience and how engaged their followers are. If someone hasn’t posted in months, he or she won’t be a good fit for your campaign.

Buffer has step-by-step guidance for reaching out to the influencer you identify, as well as tips for getting your campaign rolling.

Modern Marketing

Is your marketing running on all cylinders? With a dizzying array of social media platforms, mobile tactics, content strategies, and traditional print channels, it’s easy for the different elements of your marketing work to become siloed and ineffective.

McKinley Advisors shares a few ways you can make your marketing more cohesive. Modern marketing depends on strategy, creative, communications, and audit, “and each of these must be aligned with the others to create the truly cohesive, engaging experience that consumers (even those in the association space) crave,” writes Tracy Talbot.

Talbot looks at tools that can help with marketing automation and analysis and suggests several marketing strategies your group should consider.

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