Wednesday Buzz: Is Your Communications Plan Strategic?

Your communication strategy isn’t so strategic if you’re not measuring it against specific goals. Also: new ways to think about presentation delivery.

How do you determine if your communication strategy is working for you? If you can’t immediately rattle off a list of goals and key performance indicators (KPIs) that your communication plan is being measured against, then it may not be as strategic as you think it is.

Your communication strategy should include specific advocacy and fundraising goals. “While you can certainly have communications goals in and of themselves, most of your communications work should be in service of larger mission-oriented or fundraising goals,” Kivi Leroux Miller says in a post for Kivi’s Nonprofit Communications Blog.

All associations want community engagement, but have you defined what that means for your mission? Miller recommends developing a clear target audience for your message. Also assign KPIs to your plan so you can measure performance. “If there’s no mention of measurements, you aren’t being strategic,” she says.

Shake It Up

Slideshows have their place at any conference, but there are plenty of ways to break up the monotony of PowerPoint to have a bigger impact.

Consider adding live feedback and polling to your next presentation. “Polling could be incorporated into the event app and shared via a live screen so the results are there and referred to as appropriate by the speaker, and attendees can vote from their seats with minimal hassle,” says a recent Event Manager Blog post.

To amp up audience engagement, add a little role-play to your presentation. “Speakers can opt to invite audience members on stage to participate if they are looking for real-time reactions or have their own pre-rehearsed role-play situation if they are using it as a form of storytelling to enhance the experience,” says the post.

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