Wednesday Buzz: What Tech M&A Means for Associations

Tech consolidation may wind up benefiting associations, but you can take short-term steps to guard against risk to your organization. Also: Facebook Page organic reach is struggling across the board.

Several high-profile mergers and acquisitions among association technology vendors have made the headlines in recent years, and many association leaders are concerned about what tech consolidation could mean for them.

It may just be a good thing. “M&A activity in the association tech sector will ultimately make the vendor ecosystem more healthy,” Rick Bawcum, the CEO of Cimatri, argues in a recent blog post. “The overlap in basic functionality between solution providers motivates them to consolidate in order to efficiently apply capital in their product development activities.”

If vendors can operate more efficiently, they may be able to create better products and deliver them faster to associations, he says.

Bawcum goes on to share a few ways associations can mitigate their risks in the midst of all these mergers. He recommends prioritizing the security of your data, using service-oriented architecture for integrating systems, and keeping customizations of vendor products to a minimum.

Facebook Decline

Is your association frustrated by a lack of organic Facebook reach lately? You’re not alone.

BuzzSumo, a social insights company, analyzed over 880 million posts from brands and publisher Facebook Pages and saw a 20 percent drop in engagement starting in January of this year, reports Social Media Today.

While no one outside of Facebook knows the exact reasons behind the decrease, we do know that Facebook has made a lot of News Feed algorithm changes recently. Social Media Today puts some of the blame on a News Feed update in June 2016, “which put increased emphasis on content posted by friends and family over Page posts.”

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