Friday Buzz: Declining Facebook Numbers?

Facebook Page engagement numbers have declined across the board. Try these tactics to get them back up. Also: Why resistance to remote work is futile.

Organic Facebook engagement rates just aren’t what they used to be. Engagement numbers have fallen significantly for brands and publishers this year, leaving digital marketers to feel the pinch. What’s a social media professional to do?

The experts over at the Buffer blog share 14 ways to get engagement rolling again on your account.

One tactic that may surprise you is posting less—just once or twice per day. “Posting less grew our reach and engagement by three times,” reports Alfred Lua. “But the main reason for the growth wasn’t just because we were posting less. It’s because posting less allowed us to focus on quality instead of quantity.”

This may not work for every Page, but if you’re currently posting multiple times a day and struggling with low numbers, try a test to see if lowering your posting frequency works. You can also try to boost engagement metrics by giving Facebook Live a whirl. Facebook is prioritizing Live videos in people’s newsfeeds (as you might have guessed from the constant notifications). If you’re looking for video ideas, you can try discussing breaking news, sharing a few tips, or hosting a Q&A session.

Buffer goes on to recommend curating high-quality content, asking followers questions, recycling popular posts, and boosting your top-performing posts when your budget allows.

We Are All Remote

In the midst of the mobile revolution, we’re all just a few taps away from working our job from anywhere in the world. Technology has made us all available anytime, transforming the notion of remote working.

So says columnist Mike Elgan in a recent post for ComputerWorld. “Most enterprises are becoming so globalized that even the concept of ‘remote’ makes no sense. When the whole world is connected, only astronauts are ‘remote workers.'”

Elgan warns leaders who resist a nimble remote work environment that they may be hurting their organization technologically. “To assume the primacy of face-to-face interaction between colleagues is to fail to provide collaborative tools to connect employees in offices down the hall, on a different floor, at another office or on the other side of the world,” writes Elgan.

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