Monday Buzz: Use Data to Boost Engagement

From email to events and everything in between, Aptify reveals how to examine data to increase membership engagement. Also: a way to make your strategic planning meetings more productive.

Are you taking advantage of your AMS software data to grow engagement? While it can be tricky to nail down the ROI of varying engagement rates, it’s safe to say that high engagement indicates that what you’re doing is working for your members.

A recent Aptify blog post reveals the best ways to leverage data to boost membership engagement in your association. Start with making sure that your email program is as effective as possible. “It all starts with your open rate—if nobody (or under 20 percent to 40 percent) is opening your emails, your chance to engage with your email audience never even happened,” writes Jennifer Barrell.

To increase your open rate, look at your top-performing subject lines to see what they have in common. And segment your emails to specific audiences rather than relying on email blasts to your entire list.

Also, make sure that your email sequencing is working, Barrell says. “Are members all dropping out of the sequence at the same step in the process? Then you need to look closer at that step—perhaps they need more info to complete the step, perhaps they’re not properly prepared, but either way, you need to fix that bottleneck!”

Strategic Planning

Have you ever considered hiring a meeting facilitator for your strategic planning events?

It may seem like an unneeded expense, but a recent MemberClicks blog post says that facilitators have a lot to offer. “Facilitators are skilled at asking questions, sparking meaningful conversations, highlighting trends, and shifting conversations in productive directions,” writes Erin Hall. “Tangents are rarely found in a strategic planning event with a good facilitator at the helm.”

Hall makes other recommendations for holding a productive planning meeting, including selecting space away from your headquarters, leaving room for fun, and bringing diverse voices into the boardroom.

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