Wednesday Buzz: Learning Beyond the Event

Here's why a post-event learning strategy is so valuable. Also: Don't be afraid to reboot your community.

Attendees get a lot out of conferences, but one thing they may not get enough of is retention. They’re bombarded with so much information in a short period that they’re bound to forget a lot of it.

At the WBT Systems blog, the company suggests developing a post-conference learning plan so that the lessons aren’t lost once your attendees head home.

“Make a plan to help attendees move that finish line. By continuing the conference learning experience, you’ll help them solidify knowledge,” the post recommends. “They’ll have additional opportunities to connect with other attendees while being exposed to your LMS and online learning programs.”

Check out the rest of the post to get thoughts on strategies for improving post-event learning processes in your organization.

Time for a Revamp?

It’s hard to admit when an online community isn’t working, which means that change can come with a lot of hand-wringing. But just hanging on to an ineffective community isn’t the way to go, writes Richard Millington of Feverbee.

“The best predictor of tomorrow is what happened today,” he says. “Unless you want every day to be like today, you need to make that change. You need to work on something that at least has a chance of a big success.”

Other Links of Note

Like Trello? The popular organization tool now has a dedicated desktop app for Mac and Windows.

Promotion help. Over at the MTG PLNR Blog, run by Cincinnati’s Convention and Visitors Bureau, you’ll find some strategies for getting attendees to promote the event on social media.

Get negotiating. If the ins and outs of venue contract negotiation seem intimidating, this guide from Event Manager Blog might help you get started.

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