Friday Buzz: NBA Standardizes Fantasy Basketball

The NBA delivers an official way for fans to engage with fantasy basketball. Also: Your association may be breaking a key membership rule and not even know it.

Fantasy sports are popular, but so far the NBA hasn’t had much ownership over fantasy basketball. Now the league plans to change all that.

According to a press release, the NBA is introducing standardized fantasy scoring for the 2017-2018 season. “Official NBA Fantasy Scoring is intended to make the fantasy experience consistent for NBA fans across all formats and content,” says the statement.

“It seems that the NBA has taken notes from various state governments in terms of fantasy sports regulation,” writes Derek Helling in a post for Fansided. “By rolling out official fantasy scoring, the NBA instantly makes anything not carrying that distinction ‘unofficial.'”

The NBA is also adding more fantasy content to its site via an expanded partnership with FantasyPros. “The theme across all these new integrations is quite clear: It’s new revenue for the NBA and its franchises,” says Helling.

Associations should take noteā€”as this might provide a script for your organization to follow when launching an alliance with a related industry.

Are You Asking Too Much?

Any membership organization needs to recruit new, younger members to stay healthy and relevant. But there’s a chance you’re turning away young members by not returning the effort they’re giving you.

In a recent post for Smooth the Path, Amanda Kaiser says too many associations break “The Halfway Rule,” by asking young members to do more for associations than the groups do for them. For example, a member makes the decision to pay her dues, and instead of being met with value, she receives a litany of emails and a password for a site that takes a lot of time and effort to get to know.

Kaiser goes on to make recommendations for meeting new members halfway, like calling new members and “asking them about themselves so they can recommend a benefit that fits each new member’s exact need.”

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