Friday Buzz: How The Points Guy Made It Big

How the CEO of turned his hobby into a lucrative career. Also: Make the most out of your high-quality videos.

Everyone wants to fly first class, but the expense is prohibitive for most of us—unless you’re a devotee of, a lifestyle website that reveals the tips, tricks, and secrets to flying premium.

Did you know that started out as one person’s simple hobby? Business Insider profiled CEO Brian Kelly, a former Morgan Stanley employee, who turned his air mile-collecting side hustle into a career. Not only is the website a revenue-generating success, but Kelly also spends half his time flying around the world in luxury.

While working in human resources in 2011, a friend of Kelly’s told him he could monetize his site using affiliate advertising. “At that time I was, like, a microinfluencer, but I was sitting on a gold mine and had no idea,” Kelly said.

Nearly overnight, the money started pouring in. A few months later, he quit his day job after receiving his first six-figure check, he tells Business Insider.

Associations may find some inspiration from Kelly’s ability to make money off his expert knowledge and advice—something that’s typically difficult to monetize.

Maximize Videos

Have you ever created high-quality video content only for it to not achieve the views that you expected?

The Sociality Squared Blog says that you can’t just post to YouTube and expect to gain traction. You should also upload to other video platforms like Vimeo and Instagram. And make sure that you’re posting video across all your social channels. Every share is an opportunity for more views.

The blog also makes recommendations for reusing video content and leveraging video snippets in promotional materials.

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