Thursday Buzz: The Best Ways to Liveblog Events

Liveblogging is a great way to connect and engage with event attendees and your targeted audience. Also: How to build a membership referral program from the ground up.

Liveblogging is an excellent way to connect with event attendees, as well as nonattendees who could be tempted into registering in the future. Some associations liveblog their meetings, but too many are lax on one of its most critical elements: planning.

Social Media Examiner provides a helpful preparation guide for effective event liveblogging.

Start with establishing goals—whether it’s simply showcasing thought leadership or attracting more attendees to next year’s meeting. Depending on those goals, you may want include a call-to-action on all of your posts. For instance, you can ask readers to sign up for a mailing list to learn about more events or request that they follow your social media accounts.

You should do a lot of the editorial work before the event. If you plan on covering certain speakers, read their bio information before the meeting. “The more you know about speakers ahead of time, the better you’ll understand what they say during the live session,” says Holly Chessman. “You’ll also be able to add context and interesting links to your article.”

And don’t forget to prep a few graphic templates that you can quickly plug speaker quotes into for use on social media.

Referral Programs

Does your organization have a membership referral program? Word-of-mouth is a powerful tool for recruitment, so don’t make the mistake of giving your program short shrift.

The MemberClicks blog provides direction for building a robust program.

Consider if your program is lacking a specific type of member. “Before creating a member referral program, think about your organization’s goals, particularly as they relate to recruitment,” writes Callie Walker. “Are you trying to recruit all types of members (student, associate, organizational, etc.)?”

Walker goes on to make recommendations for incentives, setup, and promotion.

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