Thursday Buzz: Rethinking Nondues Revenue

Associations shouldn’t put all of its revenue eggs into the membership basket, but it's also possible to have too many nondues revenue sources. Also: how to recruit young volunteers.

Nondues revenue streams can come from a variety of sources, including publications and conferences. But your association may be employing too many and diluting your central mission.

While all organizations need money to serve their members, a recent post from Association Success suggests that the quality of your nondues revenue channels matters more than the quantity.

“Cast a critical eye over the projects meant to be bringing in revenue at your association,” writes Garth Jordan. “Is 80 percent or more of your revenue coming from 20 percent or fewer of your products?” It may be time to cut certain e-books, conferences, or sponsorships that require a lot of effort without a lot of return.

Trimming the fat can also help to improve how you serve your members. “If you direct resources towards making your top products provide the best experience possible, they won’t come up lacking when it comes to your members’ needs,” says Jordan. “Products must be more enjoyable, more discoverable, and meet the needs of your audience.”

Young Volunteers

Recruiting volunteers is tough, and you may expect activating young volunteers to be particularly difficult.

But that’s not necessarily so. The MemberClicks blog shares a few tips for recruiting next-gen volunteers, which may be easier than you think.

Young professionals like having a positive impact on society. When trying to recruit them, just be sure to communicate the good effects that their volunteering will have. The post also recommends making volunteering a social effort and presenting opportunities for microvolunteering.

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