Wednesday Buzz: Smart Leaders Embrace New Tech

Tech poses a serious threat to many industries, but an Entrepreneur writer says to lean into it. Also: A Snapchat redesign separates “the social from the media.”

Emerging technology can be a death knell to many industries. In fact, researchers warn that automation could put one-third of U.S. workers out of a job by 2020. But new tech doesn’t necessarily mean you and your organization will become obsolete. There are several ways you can stay relevant during a tech revolution.

“The trick is to lean into technology rather than become consumed with fear, like forward-minded entrepreneurs in specific industries who love, not loathe, technological advances,” writes Rahul Varshneya in a post for Entrepreneur.

If you’re looking to be on the cutting edge of your field, you have to provide service that your members need. But you can’t know their wants and desires without performing serious research. Do a deep dive into the demographics of your audience to understand their “personalities, attitudes, lifestyles, interests, and so much more.” Once you’ve done this, you’ll be better able to leverage new tech to serve them.

“Rather than see emerging technology as a fierce opponent, look at it as the beginning of a great problem-solving opportunity,” says Varshneya.

Snapchat Redesign

Snapchat announced a redesign today that prioritizes the personal.

“The new Snapchat separates the social from the media,” the Snap team says on its site. “This means that the Chats and Stories from your friends are on the left side of Snapchat, and the Stories from publishers, creators, and the community are on the right.”

In the video above, watch Snap Inc. CEO Evan Spiegel discuss the changes.

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