Executive Summary: Tom Reiser

Tom Reiser, the executive director of the International Society on Thrombosis and Haemostasis in Chapel Hill, NC, and Washington, DC, once got some really good advice on the nature of stress.

My three goals for 2018

  1. Be more patient.
  2. Listen more.
  3. Live more in the moment.

On my desk right now

2018 budget draft, growth projections, a world map, and some motivational quotes

What I do when i’m not at work

Play sports, read, eat out, travel with my wife, Ashley, play with our dog

The best advice I ever got

Stress is not a function of events, it’s a function of the view you take of events.

Who I’m following on twitter

@AwesomelySimple, @DrFrieden

If I weren’t doing this, I’d …

… like to have the opportunity to represent and promote my hometown—Vienna, Austria—in some form or capacity.

(Ron Aira)

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