Monday Buzz: End-of-Year Fundraising Momentum

As 2017 comes to a close, here are a few smart ways to keep people donating. Also: Make sure you’re prepared for the holiday break.

We all want to finish the year strong when it comes to our fundraising goals, but it’s normal for momentum to lag during the busy holiday season.

In a recent blog post, Network for Good shares a few ways to maintain fundraising energy and end the year on a high note.

One way is to make sure you stick to your campaign theme through December 31. “Your year-end campaign should focus on a story, a message, or a theme about how donors can impact your nonprofit’s work,” writes Lisa Bonanno. “Include those same visual cues and your campaign’s message on your donation page so that donors know that they’ve landed in the right place.”

Another way to spur contributions is to share your fundraising goal by adding a thermometer to your donation page. “When you let your donors know that fundraising goal, and how close you are to getting to it, it helps build urgency and provides a sense of responsibility and then accomplishment when your goal is met,” Bonanno says.

Bonanno recommends keeping your donation page simple and easy to find. She also gives guidance on segmenting your donor list.

Check Your List Twice

During this time of year, we all deserve a break from the office. But before you run out the door, you need to make sure you’re prepared.

Don’t forget to set up your out-of-office email reply. It’s easy to overlook, but it’s the best way to let people know you’re unavailable so they don’t panic when they don’t hear from you. “Out-of-office emails eliminate confusion and set expectations for when you’ll be responding,” writes Callie Walker in a MemberClicks blog post.

You also want to have a final sync-up with your team for any last-minute questions, clean up your inbox and your voicemail, and create a return agenda if you can find the time. “Rather than spending half an hour trying to figure out where to even begin, you can come in, reference your list, and hit the ground running,” says Walker.

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