Thursday Buzz: From Magazine to Podcast

How one well-known company that dropped its iconic magazine is bringing it back—in podcast form. Also: the hard part of selling professional development.

In the digital era, magazines might seem outmoded, and while plenty of organizations are doing well with them, there are plenty that ditched them when the going got tough.

But, what if the cultural importance of that magazine outweighs the weight of all those glossy full-color pages?

You bring the magazine back as a podcast, of course. Which is what the iconic videogame-maker Nintendo is doing with longtime magazine Nintendo Power, which it stopped publishing five years ago this month.

The magazine’s former editor in chief, Chris Slate, still works for Nintendo, and according to Polygon, he helped push for the return of the brand as something of a passion project for the company.

The first episode of the podcast features, among other things, two of the creators of its recent hit game The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and comes as the company is currently in the midst of a strong comeback, selling 10 million units of its hybrid Nintendo Switch console.

A Challenging Pitch

Professional development is a key way to ensure employees grow and become better at their jobs. But too often, employers back-burner this kind of development, or seem to discourage it altogether. What gives? And how can an employee get past this state of affairs?

A new post from WBT Systems offers a list of suggestions on how to convince employers to make room for professional development within their organization. Read on for a solid list of tips.

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