Friday Buzz: Make New Moves on Social Media

Refresh your social strategy by experimenting with new features from social platforms. Also: Seemingly harmless leadership habits may send the wrong message to employees.

Social media platforms are introducing new features all the time, but it’s easy to get stuck in a rut by posting the same way you always have. In a new year, it’s time to try fresh things on social media.

The Hootsuite blog details several fun new social features you should experiment with. For example, take advantage of Instagram’s new video split-screen format by broadcasting a live Story on Instagram with a guest.

“When planning a collaborative broadcast, think about how two speakers can create unique content for this new format,” writes Emily Copp. “You might choose to invite a guest from a strategic brand partnership for an announcement or ask an influencer to cohost an Instagram takeover.”

LinkedIn is also taking steps to make the network more engaging. At the end of last year, the company introduced a career advice hub that helps people looking for guidance connect with a potential mentor. Your organization leaders and experts can use the feature to engage with the next generation of potential members.

The blog post also makes recommendations for Pinterest image search, Snapchat, and Facebook videos.

Lead by Example

Leaders set office rules, policies, and expectations, but they may not realize how much their own behavior dictates how everyone else acts.

Take internal team meetings, for example. If it’s important to you that your team members pay full attention during meetings, then you need to show that you’re doing the same. “Managers that frequently send emails during meetings are, according to our analysis, 2.2 times more likely to have direct reports who also multitask in meetings,” researchers report in the Harvard Business Review.

Not only is multitasking distracting, but it can also “signal to others that we don’t value their time or their contributions.”

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