Wednesday Buzz: Add Audio to Your 2018 Marketing Strategy

Audio marketing has evolved far past radio spots. Learn some tips to integrate audio into your marketing strategy. Also: With one simple tweet, Elon Musk delivers a valuable leadership lesson.

We all know that video can be an effective marketing tool. But while we’re focused on that medium, are we disregarding the potential of audio content?

As audio content consumption increases, CMSWire makes a compelling case for adding audio to your marketing strategy.

You’ve probably given podcasts and webinars at least some consideration, but you should also consider experimenting with audiograms. An audiogram is a clip of audio content overlaid on an image.

“Audiograms make audio content easier to share across social media, and give some vibrancy to your content that would otherwise give listeners nothing to look at as they listen,” writes Kaya Ismail. Create your own using radio station WNYC’s audiogram generator here.

Also, take into account the rise of voice commands. Alexa and Google Home are entering into more households, and voice search is on nearly every smartphone. It’s time to think about how your association is going to respond to this new type of tech. Brainstorm Alexa skills that you can create to benefit your members. And in the same way you’re thinking about search engine optimization, you should also be strategizing on voice search optimization.

Musk Leadership Lesson

Between running electric car company Tesla and aerospace company SpaceX, entrepreneur Elon Musk is one of the most cutting-edge leaders of his generation. Certainly, there must be plenty of leadership lessons to learn from a titan of success, but one recent and valuable takeaway is the power of a simple “thank you.”

On December 26, Musk took to Twitter to thank Tesla customers for supporting his company. He then asked a simple question: “How can we improve further?”

CNBC reports on the thousands of responses Musk received from this one tweet, including more than 16,000 comments.

“The next car I purchase will be a Tesla,” responds one commenter. “What a creative, innovative, responsive CEO.”

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