Wednesday Buzz: An Association for Couch Potatoes

Forget the gym. Germany’s Sofa Sports Association says you can get in shape at a local pub. Also: Keep an eye on these creative visual trends in 2018.

If you’re sick of the constant “new year, new you” mantras that bombard us all this time of year, then we have an association just for you.

A German man named Torben Bertram got so annoyed with all the fitness and self-improvement pressure in his office that he rebelled by starting the Sofa Sports Association, “proudly geared toward the non-vegan, non-overachieving, non-career-obsessed masses,” Kirsten Grieshaber wrote for the Associated Press.

The association is small—about 25 members—but it’s made up of men, women, and even some children. The club meets in bars across Berlin for fun and games.

“Club activities include swaying back and forth, like in a beer hall; the ‘Tarzan yell’—beating your chest with your fists and yelling; and the potato chip competition, consisting of eating a plastic cup full of chips without using one’s hands—a favorite among the club’s child members,” says Grieshaber.

While the purpose of the group is all in good fun, Bertram has taken pains to formalize the association. He’s taken out accident insurance for the group and registered the club with proper financial authorities.

2018’s New Look

Are your organization’s visual images keeping up with current trends?

Photography stock service Shutterstock is sharing a gorgeous infographic illustrating creative trends for 2018. The insights are based on the biggest year-over-year increases of Shutterstock download data and searches, reports Social Media Today.

There are a few surprises in the infographic, including the rise of fantasy and mythical beast imagery, as well as outer space visuals. But some of the trends you may be able to predict, like the increased use of candy-color pastels (think millennial pink) and activism imagery.

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