3 Lessons: Can-Do Attitude

Lauren Schapker, the government affairs director of the National Ground Water Association, stays on top of her to-do list and career goals.

“Soft reset” each night. Just like my iPhone, I function more efficiently when I give myself a “soft reset” each night. Make it a point to decompress and create separation from the office. When each workday gets a fresh start, I can reprioritize my to-do list and make sure I’m focusing on what is most important and timely. And it keeps any of yesterday’s hiccups from bleeding into the rest of the workweek.

Prioritize and always deliver. During busy times of the year, it’s easy to add pages to your to-do list without making much progress in crossing items off. I learned that when I set reasonable, short-term goals with a focus on achievable deadlines, a busy season becomes much more manageable. Plus, earning a reputation as someone who meets deadlines is just an admirable side effect.

Stay fresh. When I’m no longer new to a position, finding ways to resist inertia and continue to innovate helps to sustain me. Coming up with fresh content and creative ways to communicate it can have great benefits—not just for members, but for your own professional growth, too.

(James Kegley)

Associations Now Staff

By Associations Now Staff

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