Executive Summary: Kimberly Mosley, CAE

Kimberly Mosley, CAE, the president of the American Specialty Toy Retailing Association in Chicago, says that lifelong learning is a must.

On my desk right now

Starbucks grande latte, marketing plan for our benchmarking survey, Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty

My favorite blog

ASTRA blog

My media mix

Books: Deep Work by Cal Newport; Alone by Lisa Gardner; Knowing Your Value by Mika Brzezinski

TED Talks: Stuart Brown, Brené Brown

YouTube: Mimi G Style, So Sew Easy

What I do when I’m not at work

Squirrel away in a quiet corner to knit, craft, or sew

Who i’m following on Twitter

@richardbranson, @BillGates, @WIRED, @TEDTalks

The best advice I ever got

Never stop learning, because things are constantly changing. And let go of perfection and just get it done!

My three goals for 2018

1. Raise the level of awareness of the importance of good, old-fashioned play.

2. Extend the reach of ASTRA to additional markets that recognize and value the importance of toys and play.

3. Stay focused in a world full of distractions.

(Todd Winters)

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