Tuesday Buzz: Why Your Website Needs an Update

An outdated website can put your visitors’ data at risk and cause them to mistrust you. Also: How to implement a culture of learning at your organization.

An outdated website suffers from more than a stale design. It may also result in losing your users’ trust.

“In 2018, security is going to be a top concern of your website visitors, especially if your site requires them to provide personal or financial information,” writes Brian Byer in a recent post for MarketingProfs. “After the numerous well-publicized data breaches in 2017, your users will be especially wary of how interacting with your site could affect them.” To keep your users’ trust, make sure that you’re using HTTPS to protect sensitive information.

If you’re looking to keep up with user expectations regarding content, you need to have video. “Video is the newest component of website literacy, with more ‘stick’ value than any text or picture you might have formerly used,” says Byer. “Moreover, video is one of the simplest and most effective ways to engage site visitors at that all-important emotional level, so be sure your video is funny or touching, or else extremely useful.”

Seek Learning

A culture of learning can benefit your association in a number of ways. Employees who are constantly learning can take your organization into the future. And a learning culture promotes greater employee productivity and satisfaction.

The WBT Systems blog shares tips for creating a culture of learning at your association.

Start with getting buy-in from leadership. “Culture change has to be supported at the top,” says the post. “However, staff leadership must do more than just support a learning culture, they must model the behavior they wish to see. Leaders should talk about their learning experiences—their challenges, successes, and failures.”

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