Friday Buzz: April Fools’ Alternatives

If you’re not into April Fools' Day, there are still plenty of holidays you can get into in the days before and after April 1. Also: Draw attention to your member benefits, one at a time.

We’re in the middle of a run of nerdy days dedicated to important things. And one of those days, it should be said, is not April Fools’ Day.

That’s not to say these other days don’t play off of the trickiest day of the year. World Backup Day, celebrated each March 31, encourages the public to save documents and memories and offers a number of suggestions for doing so in digital form—so you’re safe in case the worst happens.

If you’ve already backed up your data and are looking for another April Fools’ alternative, check out International Fact-Checking Day, which takes place April 2. The event, which is supported by the Poynter Institute’s International Fact-Checking Network, among others, is intended to encourage educators, readers, and citizens to boost their media literacy. The event is in its second year.

Together, these days provide a nice buffer zone around April Fools’ Day—don’t get fooled, and protect your data so it doesn’t fool you.

Benefit of the Month

You have a lot of benefits, but getting people interested in those perks may not be easy. One solution to the issue, shared by Callie Walker of MemberClicks, is to create a “Benefit of the Month” program.

Here’s the idea: “Pick one of your benefits (preferably one you’d like members to utilize more) and promote it heavily throughout the month. Include it in your organization’s newsletter, on your member landing page, in a special email campaign, in your online social community (if you have one), etc. And don’t just explain what the benefit is, but explain exactly how your members can access it and, if possible, offer some kind of time-sensitive special (for that month only).”

It could be a nice kick in the pants for benefits you might think are underperforming.

Other Links of Note

Keep the project on track. Engage365 breaks down a list of task-management tips to keep everything on track.

What’s up in the world of webinars? Deirdre Reid knows what’s happening. Check her list of upcoming events.

Data hack of the day. MyFitnessPal, the Under Armour-owned fitness-tracking app, revealed it suffered a data breach, one significant enough that it affects 150 million users.

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