Friday Buzz: Content Ideas to Keep Readers Coming Back

Out of content ideas? Leverage your social media channels to reignite your creativity. Also: Beware the seven deadly sins of fundraising.

If your association churns out a lot of content, it’s easy to get to a point where you feel like you’ve run out of fresh ideas. But there are ways you can leverage your social media accounts to come up with new content your audience will love, explains the Buffer blog.

Start with studying your social media analytics to see what content is already resonating with your followers. “What you’ll want to do is to study your top-performing posts and re-create them,” writes Alfred Lua. He goes on to provide step-by-step directions for finding your top posts with the native analytics in Facebook, Instagram, and more.

He also recommends asking your audience what they’d like to see. Maybe they want more association success stories and less industry news, or vice versa. You can leave your questions open-ended or create a poll or survey to generate responses.

Deadly Sins

In fundraising, there are best practices, and there are deadly sins.

Let’s start with lust. “You don’t want a relationship with your donors,” writes Jeff Brooks in a Future Fundraising Now post. “You just lust after their money.” This is a surefire way to turn repeat donors away.

Another donor relationship killer? Greed. “You refuse to share the joy with your donors,” says Brooks. “You just take their money and run, instead of telling them what they made possible.”

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