Monday Buzz: Customizable Memberships

Could adding more membership levels attract more people? The MemberClicks blog reveals how. Also: Amanda Kaiser makes the case for a “frictionless” member experience.

You’ve heard the old expression: You get what you pay for. But these days, people pay only for what they want—not everything they could get. We see that come to life with cable cord-cutters who don’t want to pay for channels they don’t watch.

So, as consumer offerings become more personalized and flexible, your membership offerings should keep pace.

“By offering a variety of membership levels at your association or chamber, you’re giving people the opportunity to customize their membership (thus boosting the chances they’ll stay with your organization),” writes Callie Walker in a new MemberClicks blog post.

Walker goes on to provide a few ways to create new levels. Start by considering how many levels you should offer and what they should cost.

“It’s recommended to have at least two or three membership levels, but depending on your staff size and the makeup of your organization’s membership, you may need more in order to sufficiently meet the needs of your varying membership segments,” she writes.

Seamless Experience

Are you unintentionally making it difficult for people to sign up or stay with your organization?

A new Smooth the Path post from Amanda Kaiser explains why your organization has to provide a “frictionless” experience.

In order to do that, she says your organization needs simple membership tiers, easy access to other members, professional development resources, and “timely, valuable new member messaging that solves the problem they currently have.”

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