Monday Buzz: Plug Money Leaks

In the nonprofit world, every dollar counts. Here are a few tactics to try to stop money from seeping out of your organization. Also: A look at advocacy in the age of fake news.

Are you trying to figure out if your organization is needlessly losing money?

Start by taking a deep look at your organizational finances; only then can you make informed decisions about where you can cut or reduce expenses. “Once it’s clear where liabilities and insolvent costs are—electric bills, rent, payroll, etc.—leaders can determine whether they’re necessary for the operation of the organization,” writes Christian Valiulis, the chief revenue officer of APS, in a recent post for Nonprofit Hub.

Also, shine a light on your HR process and make sure your hiring process is robust. “Nonprofits must employ the right people to decrease costs associated with turnover, such as rehiring and retraining,” says Valiulis. “Having the right people starts with the recruitment and screening process.”

Advocacy Trust

In today’s politically tumultuous landscape, legislative and advocacy campaigns can be a lightning rod for “fake news” accusations. How should your organization guard against them?

“The best path for advocacy organizations is to stick closely to the truth and avoid anything tainted by fake news, or even flimsy sourcing,” says a post from SevenTwenty Strategies. “In short, the best defense is to play it absolutely straight.”

Make sure that the stories you’re telling cite reputable sources. And tone down any hyperbole.

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