Monday Buzz: How Technology Is Changing Recruitment

New digital tools and technology are revolutionizing the way organizations find and retain talent. Also: Voice donations come to Alexa.

Many industries are facing the threat of automation, and HR may be one of them.

A recent CMSWire post delves into how technology is changing the way organizations are recruiting and retaining talent. Automated recruitment may be just around the corner, which could have a big impact on your HR department.

“Candidate outreach will improve through appropriate big data analysis of recruiting and hiring data,” says Bill Donoghue, CEO of Skillsoft. “This will allow for better candidate selection through prescriptive analytics to determine who, when hired, would stay in that job longer,” he said.

The younger generation is also ushering in a new style of work due to their digital habits. “The incoming workforce is all about texting and video chat,” says Colin Doherty, CEO of Fuze. “When I walk around our office, I see so many of our younger employees on video calls and text chats with colleagues. They may click in or out periodically but are engaged in the conversation almost the entire day.” Organizations need to adapt to this new way of working by adopting emerging technology.

The post goes on to explore the way hard and soft skills are changing, the increase of remote work, and employee experience expectations.

Voice Donation

Today’s a big day in the evolution of donation technology.

Amazon’s Alexa is making it easier for people to donate just by using their voice. “The command is pretty much as you’d expect — say, ‘Alexa, donate $20 to the American Cancer Society’ and the smart assistant will pull that money from your associated account,” reports Brian Heater in TechCrunch.

Currently, Alexa users can donate to 40 different charities. You can see the list here.

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