Wednesday Buzz: An App That Takes on All-Male Panels

A new version of an app allows meeting attendees to name and shame groups that don’t show diversity in their panels. Also: a comprehensive look at the health of the internet.

Are you tired of seeing all-male panels?

Gina Glantz, a longtime Democratic strategist and founder of GenderAvenger, certainly is.

“Avenger’s mission has been to help amplify the voices of people who witness an all-male event and want [to] draw attention to—and hopefully convince the organization to correct—the imbalance,” writes Kristen Bellstrom in a recent piece for Fortune.

To help with this, the nonprofit has created an app called GA Tally, which allows users to measure the gender and ethnic breakdown of a panel and account for how long each person talks. “The app turns the information into a simple graphic that can be shared (along with any appropriate hashtag) on social media,” writes Bellstrom.

GenderAvenger also gives a “GA Stamp of Approval” to panels or groups that they believe are getting it right.

Internet Health Report

Is the internet healthy? That’s the central question being answered in a new report from Mozilla.

“Working with researchers, digital rights activists, Mozilla fellows and our community, we tell a collaborative story of how the internet is––and isn’t––healthy from a human perspective,” states the report’s introduction.

The report delves into issues, including who controls the internet, how open it is, safety, and web literacy.

Taking a look at the safety section, you’ll find insights and analysis on ransomware, passwords, unwarranted surveillance, and the vulnerability of the internet of things.

“For all the hype around gadgets and home appliances, many of the industries most impacted by IoT will be health care, transportation, energy and utilities,” the report continues. “There are great opportunities for improving the efficiency and quality of public services, health and infrastructure.”

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