Membership Hack: Staffing Help

The Retail Merchants Association recently partnered with a startup to help members fill temporary staff vacancies.

How to hack it? Small businesses, particularly retailers, often face staffing shortages, high turnover, and lack of control over seasonal demand for employees. The Retail Merchants Association, based in Richmond, Virginia, recognized this issue and partnered with a startup called, which offers employers access to an on-demand network of contract-based employees.

“Snag was started in Richmond, and they beta-tested the platform here,” said RMA Marketing and Membership Director Diana Kent. “Our members are using that workforce to fill shifts, and it alleviates headaches many business owners face.”

Why does it work? RMA gives its members a 20 percent discount to use “This discount is unique, and I think the company will develop more partnerships as they expand to other cities,” Kent says. Currently, is available in Richmond and Washington, DC, with more cities coming online this year.

What’s the bonus? The discount and the flexibility of the partnership have incentivized many RMA members to sign on as early adopters, and the program is bringing in new members. “All associations struggle with getting more members,” Kent says. “We’re really trying to solve for some real-world problems that our members face right now.”

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Tim Ebner

By Tim Ebner

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