Tuesday Buzz: Boost Learning Retention

Don't let fresh ideas and valuable insights be forgotten. The Event Manager Blog shares a bunch of ways to increase learning retention. Also: How to use social media to connect emotionally with your community.

One of the main reasons people attend meetings is to learn, but retaining what they learn can be difficult in the midst of a busy day.

The Event Manager Blog shares several ways to increase learning retention, including gamification. Try creating a casual meeting space in your office with games people can play; this may “promote better flowing thoughts and result in greater productivity.”

It’s also important to provide people places to learn at your big events. At your conference, set up small, segmented spaces for mini meetings. “These would also be a great idea as a breakaway area where attendees could have an informal discussion and brainstorm before heading back to the main meeting,” says the post.

Sitting in a seat for a long time can make anyone restless. During a brainstorming session, try using a sticky note wall to help get people out of their seats and keep them engaged. This also helps to get everyone to contribute, since people have different comfort levels when it comes to speaking up.

Social Connections

With all the negative hubbub surrounding Facebook lately, it’s easy to cast all of social media in a negative light. Especially when it seems like all it does is divide rather than unify. But impact-driven organizations are uniquely positioned to use social media to advance causes that do good in the world.

A Forbes contributor shares a few tips for nonprofits to make the most of social media.

To build trusted relationships with your community, you need to value it, even if it’s small. “If you have a voice and a platform where people listen, even if the number of people is very small, it’s not just your responsibility to speak up about things that matter—it’s your opportunity,” writes Leticia Gonzalez-Reyes, executive director and co-founder at 109 World.

Other Links of Note

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