3 Lessons: Connector-in-Chief

Maunda Land, MBA, CMP, CAE, director of membership engagement, diversity, and student programs for the Institute of Internal Auditors, makes it her mission to connect with others.

Invest in yourself. Throughout my career, I’ve continued my professional development through higher education and credentialing. Obtaining my CMP, CAE, and executive MBA while working full time wasn’t easy. But by doing so, I demonstrated my competency and capacity. It also gave me confidence in my skills and abilities and provided me with credibility in my organization and the association community. This knowledge can never be taken away and makes me a better person.

Get a mentor. Be a mentor. I’m truly grateful for my mentors. They believe in me and encourage me to achieve. Having their support and unfiltered feedback helps me to address my weaknesses and develop my strengths. Most important, I realize that I have a responsibility to mentor others, even as I continue to be helped. It’s satisfying to assist in the development of others as they strive to reach their full potential.

Get to know colleagues. Silos can be a problem in associations. One way to break down silos is by getting to know your colleagues. The Institute of Internal Auditors has over 200 employees, and I’m proud to know most by name. Taking the time to get to know my colleagues allows for easier collaboration on projects and the opportunity to build trust and alliances.

(Photograph by Edward Linsmier)

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