Wednesday Buzz: Airbnb’s Hidden Business Travel Risks

Many business travelers want to use Airbnb, but there are reasons for employees to be cautious. Also: How to use speakers to engage your audience.

These days, many employers are allowing business travelers to stay at Airbnb properties as opposed to traditional hotels. But there are some risks to consider.

“[Employers] will want to address the safety of the property and the surrounding area and will also want to make sure that sharing-economy services are legal in that jurisdiction and under any applicable collective bargaining agreements,” writes Lisa Nagele-Piazza in a recent post for the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM).

Airbnbs have the potential to be more dangerous because there aren’t security precautions like you find in a hotel, and staff isn’t available to deal with a traveler who may be in distress.

“Remind workers to choose only safe areas, set pricing guidelines and have a method for workers to reach out if something goes awry,” said attorney Ann Fromholz to SHRM. “Before permitting workers to stay in Airbnb properties on business travel, the employer should check with their insurer for any restrictions and requirements to ensure ongoing coverage.”

Audience Participation

Don’t let speakers get away with just lecturing; a good speaker will also get your audience engaged.

At your next event, set an example with your opening speaker. “The opening keynote can build excitement, or encourage participants to be thoughtful and reflective,” writes Amanda Kaiser. “Think about what kind of tone you want to set and pick an opening speaker that is likely to deliver.”

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