We Asked, You Answered: The One Skill You Didn’t Expect to Need

In a world that’s rapidly changing, professionals often have to learn new skills on the fly. Here are some that a few association pros told us they never thought they would need.

Associations pros are famously accustomed to wearing many hats to get the job done. And now more than ever, new technologies and industry shake-ups are putting more pressure on professionals to learn new skills.

We asked our readers, “What’s one skill you’d like to develop that you never thought you’d need, and how will you do it?” They responded with some interesting answers.

Karen St. Aubin

Membership Director, Trial Lawyers Association of BC

I never thought I’d need to learn HTML. But as we learn to use our database with greater efficiency, I realize that HTML coding is a valuable skill to have. We are a very small office without an IT department, so I can’t rely on someone else. I’ve found a great website that provides free learning modules, so I am slowly working my way through them. I’m becoming my own Geek Squad!

Zachary Jakubiak

IT Project Manager, APICS

Developing and presenting long-term strategies for technology. I am exploring different product road map tools and looking at the way other companies present their rollout strategies. IT teams need to be so much more proactive in this fast-paced environment. Never thought we would need to decide priorities more than we respond to them.

Liz Peuster

Communications Specialist, Electrical Apparatus Service Association

Change management. The best method to develop this I’ve found so far is identifying others who have done the same and following their model and absorbing as much content as I can get my hands on.

Ellen Turner

Database Manager, Irrigation Association

I would like to develop skills in computer programming languages, especially SQL, and data analysis. I’m currently looking at classes found on sites like Lynda.com and investigating in-person training options.

Marc Beebe

Senior Director, Strategic Research, Public Imperatives, and Corporate Development, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

I’m not sure it’s one I never thought I’d need, but uppermost in my mind right now is innovation. Our organization, like so many associations, struggles with being nimble and innovative. So, I’d like to get much better at not only being innovative myself but develop my skills in pushing the entire organization in that direction.

What skill do you think you should add to your toolkit? Tell us in the comments.

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